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The Louisiana Tech Amateur Radio Club was established around 1937, and has been in existence in some form or another since then. We are a group that helps to promote the common bonds of amateur radio.  If you are interested in learning Morse code (CW), experimenting with circuit building, or just want to have fun talking to other operators around the world and in space (i.e. many astronauts are amateur radio operators), then this club is for you!

Other activities we participate in include foxhunting, which consists of a hidden transmitter that is programmed to transmit every few minutes.  Club members use direction finding equipment to triangulate and home in on the location of the transmitter.  We are also involved in weather balloon design, building, and recovery.  Our weather balloons have carried sensors to gather data of the atmosphere, as well as cameras to capture imagery from space.  We collaborate with Louisiana Tech University's High Altitude Vehicle Operating Crew (HAVOC) during their weather balloon operations to assist in balloon launches, tracking, and recovery.

In addition to having fun and talking to other operators around the world, we will also be having emergency communications training for times when we are called upon but the local, state, or federal government to provide communications links.  We can provide reliable communications at events such as 5K runs and sporting events to help increase efficiency and safety as well.

Right now club members are affiliated with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and SKYWARN (as trained storm spotters for the National Weather Service).

We are also members of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

Here are our current officers:

Forest Engel - Vice President 
About Forest
Dylan M Dewenter - Secretary 
About Dylan
I am a Junior Electrical Engineering Technologist and am the Secretary of the Amateur Radio Club. My callsign is KF5JAH. My amateur radio interests include foxhunting, talking on the radio, and electronic projects.

Kendra Britton - Treasurer 
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Jenna A Briggs - Secretary 
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Daniel e Borders - President 
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Mitchell H Odom - Treasure 
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Trey Core - Vice President 
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  • 04-04-2013: New Officers

  • 03-25-2013: Website Updates

  • 12-30-2011: Website

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